toby lockerbie

I’m a professional photographer and filmmaker based in London. I’ve been a professional photographer for 7 years and love to photograph many things but have two main passions, reportage/photojournalistic wedding photography and landscape photography at night around the world. My night photography I tend to do once a year on a big trip, the rest of the time I’m photographing weddings or making films (I have a seperate website for my filming at: )
vanity fair
As of December 2015 I’ve photographed 147 weddings in the UK and in many other countries. I specialise in reportage/photojournalistic wedding photography as I love capturing beautiful,  once in a lifetime moments that can’t be recreated.
My wedding photos have featured in Vanity Fair, E! Entertainment and People in 2013 for my photography of Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt’s wedding and in Hello magazine and the Daily Mail Online for my photography of Isabel Webster and Liam Pearce’s wedding in 2014. I’ve also photographed high profile, private weddings that haven’t been shared with the world which I am more than happy to do, my photography is always first and foremost for the couple and not to promote myself.
My photography work is occasionally more diverse, for instance after photographing his wedding, the Oscar nominated actor, director and New York Times bestselling author Stanley Tucci recently invited me to photograph his cookbook, The Tucci Table.
I’ve learned over the years that by working on a variety of photography and filming projects, I’ve been able to take skills from each to give me a more rounded understanding of lighting and technique. It keeps me on my toes and allows me to approach my next shoot with renewed interest and with fresh ideas.


Once a year I love getting back to the first photography that inspired me, night landscapes and in 2013 I made a short film about one of those trips. It was to the arctic circle in this instance to photograph the Northern Lights.  I wanted to give a little insight into my approach to photography which went a little viral with a hundred thousand views in the first day, chosen as a Vimeo Staff pick and covered on blogs such as CBS News, Peta Pixel and Photography Weekly:

I love taking photos that people connect with and I love making films that wow or inspire people. Whether that’s a spectacular film I’m making in India or a quaint church with difficult lighting I’m photographing in Surrey. Finding those amazing shots in any circumstance drives my love for creative image making. If you’re interested in hiring me for a shoot, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.
e-mail me at: