wedding photography - service

I'm fortunate enough to be very busy and as there are only so many typical wedding dates in a year I often get booked up a year in advance. I also have many enquiries from people with a variety of budgets. With both of these in mind I offer a variety of services that could appeal to a variety of budgets. This will depend on the length of the day and time of the year, so please get in contact for a quote.

All the packages include the following:

  • Photography all day. I photograph the day in a non-intrusive, relaxed, candid way, capturing the moments of the day instead of staging them.
  • Editing. I carefully select every good photo (around 300-800 depending on length of day), organise them into suggested 'album', 'prints' and 'extras' sets and then spend many hours making sure they're perfect and ready to view. I spend many more hours editing than I do photogaphing.
  • Travel. I include travel within a reasonable distance of London. Elsewhere in the UK or abroad will cost a little extra in travel/accomodation*
  • Lots of big prints.I include 100 large (9"x6") prints in a print storage box, they're a great size for putting in frames or giving to people.
  • Lots of amazing photos for you to keep and print. I give you all the best photos (around 300-800 depending on length of day), digitally on a USB memory stick in high resolution for you to keep forever, share and do any printing yourselves cheaply. I will also give you a lower resolution set perfect for sharing on the internet.
  • All the photos freely available to friends and family online. I include lots of online photo storage on my website of all your photos in high-resolution for a year so that friends and family can download and print any of the photos themselves whenever they want for free.
  • An important extra. Perhaps the most important thing you pay for with me, even above photography talent is professionalism and experience. Weddings are unrepeatable and the photos will last a lifetime unlike almost every other cost at a wedding. I've never been late to a wedding or missed an important shot and in over 100 weddings I've never lost a photo. I carry two bags with at least two of everything in case one fails, including two of the best cameras in the world and 5 of the best lenses. They can shoot in lighting and situations that almost no other camera and lens combination can. The cameras are dust and rainproof and they both record to two memory cards at the same time so there's an instant backup of every single photo in case a memory card fails. I separate the cards at the end of the day, carrying one set on my person until I get home to make multiple backups. It may sound paranoid but cameras, flashes, cards and lenses can be lost, stolen, be dropped, have water spilt on, or just fail and memory cards occasionally corrupt. This is one of the big differences between professional photographers and good professional photographers.

*This would be whatever the cost of reasonable transport to the venue is. Depending on timings and location (particularly abroad) I might also need to add accommodation nearby.

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Your wedding album (160+):

As wedding albums are a very personal choice and some people even like to make their own with high street printers, I offer three main options. I have descriptions with photographs of all these options below to help you choose. Please note as as these are bespoke album making companies and most of my bookings are made a long time in advance, albums are ordered after the wedding and the below prices are a guideline using current prices:

  • coffee-table album (160)
  • contemporary album (320)
  • traditional album (745)

Please note there is also another option of having a smaller A4 sized copy of the coffee-table album for 100, generally these make great gifts for parents or family.